Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bubble Fun

So I really love this shot of Micah trying to catch water that was squirting up from a fountain in bubble form. This is at Epcot. We're at Disney this week, and the greatest moments from my 5 year old is not from rides, or the educational exhibits Disney offers, but the fountain, while we were waiting for a ride to open up. Makes me wonder if we needed to spend hundreds of dollars and drive hundreds of miles to show them a "good time". Don't get me wrong, they are having fun, but for some reason, I expected they would be overjoyed being here, as they are quite content to run around in the sun and eat some ice cream as well. Today was a trying day considering we arrived here last night. It's also colder than I expected! Oh, and that shirt he insists on wearing? It's Micah's own creation that he made at Bruno's (his bf) birthday party. Don't be fooled by the print. It really is paint scribbled.