Monday, November 23, 2009

Oyster Roast

Two weeks ago, we had a neighborhood oyster roast over at Courtney's house (our neighbor one street over from us). The best things about Charleston is the great oysters and seafood. Whenever you have a month that has an "R" in it, you know it's oyster season. November has an "R", so we get invited to many oyster roasts here. I wanted to take full advantage of them considering we will be moving.

I have the GREATEST chili recipe from Jason (Courtney's husband). Do you know when you get so tired of the same chili over and over again during the fall, because you get invited to so many events, and everyone brings some type of chili? Well, this one by far beats them all, and if you make it with home made salsa verde, (Jason's was awesome, I noticed the verde recipe isn't in the link down here.) WOW! it's unbelievable with slices of cilantro. If I wasn't in the baby industry, I would seriously consider owning some sort of food business (except I wouldn't cook! ha ha).

Below: Bellie, the spread of food, and my husband and son, (they are crazy about oysters).

Click here for the recipe. Don't let the picture fool you. It's a white chili dish. This image completely threw me off.