Monday, February 22, 2010

Online Shopping: Why I like it

I live in a small town, so there aren't great shopping choices for me. The circle of stores that surround me for everyday necessities are: Walmart, Target, Costco (though, it's about 30 min. from my home and I refuse to waste my precious child-free 3.5 hours of my day driving out to Costco.) Whole Foods, and other regular grocery-chain stores. When we first moved here, I was addicted to Target. I must have visited the store at least 3 times a week. Nowadays, with business blooming, and having a very short span of time to myself, I can't afford to run to Target, or to shop for that matter.

Personal fashion has been also important to me, and I don't find Charleston to be exactly the fashion capital, so my shopping habits have evolved into more online shopping: (LOVE THAT STORE!!-but to the detriment of my husband's wallet), (I shop from books to food), Lands' End (for kids' basic needs, ie. boots, uniform, rain gear), and okay.. I have a confession: I LOVE J.CREW (right now I have been fasting from We have an actual store here downtown, and sadly, the J.Crew staff know my name. Whenever I drag my girlfriends there with me, they are amazed how all of them know me.

But I found the best place to shop for my basic needs, and it keeps me from buying impulsively: My friend Amy J. and my mother had turned me onto to the products a while back and finally, I decided to try. The products, and service are impeccable. I am not very fond of home shows, but with the paltry economy, I've been invited to more home shows in my time here in Charleston than any other place-plus, it's a win-win: I help out my friends who need the extra income as well as getting great products.

Believe it or not, I actually save money because I only buy what I need. I log on to the site every month, and order just what I need. Nothing more.

Here are some reasons why I love Melaleuca:

1. Prices are better than the stores. For, example, a bar of soap is $1.70-$4.00, compared to the store, .99-$8.00. The Melaleuca soap is french-milled so it doesn't break down easily like your typical soap. The quality is superior to that of an $8 bar soap you would buy at Whole Foods. I've tried both of them.

2. Ingredients: No toxins, fumes, all natural. No parabens in any of their products. No artificial preservatives, colors, etc...
I love their cleaning products, and price? You can't beat it.

3. Packaging: Less is more: A little goes a long way. You don't need a lot to clean. A 1/2 pump versus couple pumps of detergent in the wash does a full load. Less waste, better for our earth.

4. Service: Not 100% satisfied? Full refund, exchange, no questions ask.

5. Shipping: Comes lightning fast. Order today? Get it in 2-3 days-Tops.

6. Love the kids' products! Toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, etc.. Very affordable and all natural.

7. Quality & Performance? One example, their equivalent cleaner of Goo Gone took out all the permanent marker scribblings that my son drew all over our Land of Nod table couple years ago without stripping the varnish. My kids duvet covers which had blood stains from the past were gone with the pre-spot treatment we used from Melaleuca. Amazing.

I don't know if my husband is full on board with me about the products. He continues to buy his own soap, shaving cream, and lotion because he is a creature of habit. The other day, I laid the down the law and told him to stop duplicating our efforts, so he finally gave in.

On any given month, when I look over our expenses for a household of 5, I spend around $400 (of course, not including food, and special occasions). At Melaleuca, I spend around $60-$70 a month. Of course, I can't buy everything at Melaleuca such as toilet paper, napkins, garbage bags, and other paper products, etc. We buy all that at Costco, and I would say we spend around $50-$100 a month for all paper goods. This means $170 a month versus $400 is what I am spending each month. This is over $200 in savings, with superior products, and knowing I am helping another friend out financially as I buy is completely worth it. I also save on time and don't waste on gas!

If you want to sign up, let me know! I would love to get you started. (BTW, I am not a sales rep, and would not monetarily gain as a result of signing you up!)