Monday, August 16, 2010

The Randoseru

(The Randoseru was introduced into government schools as the standard commuting bag.)

So, I have been getting ready to start school for my kids this week, along with unpacking our household goods which arrived Friday. We need to buy some of their uniform and backpacks. I thought I would order them on LandsEnd. Michelle told me that wasn't acceptable and I would have to get the Japanese backpacks for school.

Get a load of this leather backpack called the: Randoseru.
These bags are known as "Randoseru" [ランドセル] which is the Japanese pronunciation of the Dutch word "Ransel" meaning "Backpack" and are used by elementary school children in Japan. They were first introduced into Japan as a backpack for commissioned officers in the imperial army during the Meiji period. It is the quintessential backpack for all Japanese children, supposed to last 6 years. This bag is around $300 USD. (x 3 children). This doesn't include any of their other uniforms and supplies I need to purchase. There should be some serious layaway plans for parents with 3 children or more. I would be signing up for it.