Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mom & Dad's visit to Okinawa

My parents, after much hemming and hawing, finally visited us in Japan, and even though it was a short 8 day visit, it was a sweet time, because the kids finally got one on one time with them, away from the busyness of travels, and being bounced back and forth from house to house when we see them in Chicago. They love the simplicity, and the serene beauty of Okinawa, especially the green ocean side, and even though February is a winter month in Okinawa, it was still very mild and bearable to be outside. 
My new re-discovery was Okinawa soba, I love them with pork! I never thought I would ever say that, but it really is a taste that grows on you if you live here long enough! We did a lot of sightseeing, and took short trips to the north of the island. Below is my mother, Ellie and I at Hedo Point. This is the most northerly point in Okinawa, a very historical site, Hedo Point is the northern tip of Okinawa Island. The tempestuous waves of the Pacific Ocean and East China Sea dash against its cliffs, throwing spray high into the air. On a clear day you can see Yoron Island off on the horizon. During the campaign for reversion to Japan, people used to light bonfires at this cape. A marker commemorating their struggle to return to the Mother Country is erected here now. Along with a lineup of restaurants, snack shops and souvenir stands, there is a museum with a collection of photos and documents relating to the reversion.