Monday, March 12, 2012

Kyoto & Tokyo

While the kids are in their last month of Japanese school, it happened that I also turned 40 this month. I had been pretty bitter at Seung for not traveling much here in Japan. I had gone up to Tokyo couple times already, but Seung hadn't gone up to mainland and Tokyo, so for my 40th, we took a week off to head to Tokyo then ride the shinkansen (nozumi train-the fastest one!) down to Kyoto, and here we are in front of the Golden Pagoda. Where are the kids? My dear friend, Heather, a mother of 5 watched my three children for one week!  We loved our time in Kyoto. The palaces, temples, and the food was simply amazing and unique.. Who would have thought Japan for my 40th year? Only God knew. Notice I am wearing the same cardigan and scarf my entire week there! heehee.

In Asakusa
Park near our hotel at Hiroo
Golden Pagoda
Kodak Place

Shibuya, the busiest intersection in the world.

Kyoto Station

Tsukji Market Sushi-Best sushi in the entire planet.

Kyoto Night Life

Kyoto, Bamboo groves




Last night before we head home to see the kids! Love the sake!