Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Book /Lesson Tote Bag Not just an ordinary Tote!

Living in Japan for 2 years opened the doors for great ideas for Jaq Jaq Bird®. There are too many things I could implement for my collection.
Yes, Boys can carry them too!

I did observe something about the Japanese culture and this is also true of the Korean culture too: They are very detailed when it comes to developing a product especially for personal use. Some examples? They package one of their gum lines in a small plastic jar which I love because the gum doesn't stay at the bottom of my purse floating around until it's too late, and it's mashed up when I chew it. When you open it, you see a very small 1" square post-it notepad inside the gum jar. I was perplexed, why is there a 1" square post-it notepad inside my gum jar? My son knew exactly what it was: "Mom, when you're done chewing, you throw away your gum on the sticky note pad!" I was tickled pink at that discovery, what a smart and practical concept! The Japanese are just so practical, smart and thinks of every angle of your personal needs to produce a product. This is so true of so many things they have. As you know from my way earlier posts that my kids went to the Japanese school, and if you know the HUGE amount of stress I went through to get them in the school and everything leading up to it, especially in the way of their school GEARS! So, as you know, all Japanese elementary students carry a leather $300-$900 backpack called the Randoseru. My kids all have one. It lasts from 1st-6th grade. You are required to use across all schools in Japan. However, that small leather backpack isn't very practical, and can only really hold your books, and notebooks. They carry around a tote which is SUPER useful and practical to carry: PE uniforms, shoes, projects, and after school lessons. Americans school kids carry one backpack and there is no need for extra gears like PE uniform, shoes, etc. But what I have found practical in America is having a DEDICATED tote bag  for kids to carry has been SUPER practical especially in preschool, and kindergarten grades, and after school activities in the elementary grade level: such as going to the library, piano or music lesson, art class, etc..

I loved how they turned out!

Contrast lining inside! So fun!
So I tested it with American mothers who have K3 kids up to 5th grade and I found out of 20 mothers, 19 of them loved it. The one mother that didn't find it as useful was because she home-schooled her kids; but stated it was great for her 4 year old daughter who would use it for toting to church at Sunday school class. Her daughter would carry it to class, and it would have her blanket, snacks, extra set of clothes and knew on Sunday she can carry that special tote.

Some great uses:

1. Weekend sleepovers
2. Library
3. Piano/Music lesson books
4. Dedicated small tote when traveling to put kids' favorite trinkets.
5 Preschool/Kindergarten.
6. Toy-goodie bag

List goes on! So did I convince you yet? :)