Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Booth Finally Painted!

The booth had been the most stressful and time-consuming part of the whole project. Soon as I moved here, had to find a handy man to build it, and unfortunately the person wasn't very reliable so had to find another person, and he got the job done just in time to ship this week. Here is my husband painting the booth. Remember the chalk paint I bought? Well I took the paint to Sherwin Williams and had them tint it with this incredible blue. I thought the color was perfect: bright enough for people to notice and yet it complements the company's color PLUS I CAN write on it!!!
Hubby is painting away, he loves the color too which is saying a lot since he's my biggest critic! :)  It took about studying 20 swatches to get this color picked out... Why does everything takes so much longer than you anticipated?

Next worry:
Shipping this thing! I'm a little nervous about having the booth make it there in ONE piece...

Just need to pray, pray & pray! :)

So here on the left is the final product laid out. Once I get the booth set up, I will post more pictures.