Tuesday, January 13, 2015

ButterStix Zero Dust Challk

Have you seen our ButterStix™? What is ButterStix™? It is our patented Zero Dust™ chalks. You can write on anything that is non-porous, the possibilities are endless. The Container Store carries our exclusive chalk so you can label containers when you store and organize. There are many ways to use it. Send us some pictures of how you used it on our Facebook page.

1. Label it! Containers, dishes, glass jars, anything you need to label and reuse.
2. Reuse it! Can be reused and erased over and over again
3. Entertain with it!: Great for wine & beer tastings, pot luck, catering, tailgating and more.
4. Play with it! Kids who are artists and well as adults who are serious artists love our ButterStix for casual and serious projects.

Here are some ideas: