Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mid Day Read: Thank Goodnes It's Nap Time for my Kids! #TGINT

It's okay moms & dads! Don't feel guilty that you LOVE your child napping while you make yourself coffee and have a little mid-day snack. Afterall, when they nap, that's when they get stronger, prettier, and healthier! When my kids were young, I definitely took advantage of their nap times to research about starting up Jaq Jaq Bird.  This was also a time to recharge as a mom. Those precious 2 hours everyday were the very seeds that were planted to grow Jaq Jaq Bird to a international company, right from my attic in a small townhouse in Washington DC. I would research about textiles, make phone calls, blog and email everyday until I scaled up. So enjoy this little mid-day break, get inspired and re-charged to be the best mom & dad you can be for your kids because they really do grow up quickly. Enjoy the time, make sure to give them some undivided attention (not looking at your device for 30 minutes! set a timer!)