Friday, March 13, 2015

Vent Post on Parenting

As a business woman wearing many hats, I am constantly being pulled in various directions: dealing with everyday operations of the business, employee management, product development, sales, managing inventory, trade shows, and the list goes on. Last year we grew 345%. This is an amazing accomplishment, and we are on track to grow another 200% for 2015. All this couldn't have happened without the support of my family, friends and my employees.

But the other major part of my life is the non-business side: my family. I'm sitting here at the library writing this post because my kids missed the bus today and blamed me for missing it. It was 30 degrees here this morning, and my children never put on a jacket even when it's below 0 outside. I made them get their coats which made them missed the bus (according to the boys) and in turn, they blamed their mom. I was upset at their frustrations, and I wanted to lash out, but nevertheless I drove them to school and they were still on time. Did I get a thank you? No. Afterwards I reflected about the job of a parent. It is a very thankless job. Expectations are high. You provide everything for your children, and it's expected and they know it!  You are the parent, they are the child. There is no "thank you" because it's your job to provide for them, even when they blame you for looking out for their best interest! (Ok, I'm venting today!) I'm being brutally honest here: I struggle to show my children unconditional love. I struggle with my pride when they blame me knowing it's not my fault. (or even when it is my fault!)

It's my job to be there for them emotionally, physically, spiritually, etc. And one day they too will be there for their kids and will hopefully realize how much their parents did for them when they have kids of their own.

Today, I am thankful for my parents who had a daughter who was more thankless and demanding than my own children. 

Now back to parenting and showing my kids unconditional love...oh and Jaq Jaq Bird! :) Thanks for letting me vent.