Monday, December 25, 2017

Forbes Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Travelers

Jaq Jaq Bird Color Doodle it Book was featured in Forbes top 10 Holiday Gifts for Travelers!
We are so excited to be #3 in their magazine! For the full article, please link here.

"These nifty, lightweight, flexible and easy-to-pack coloring books will give the kiddos a head start on culture while they have fun. Inspired by the founder's European adventures, each 8-page book contains outlines of works by some of the Continent's greatest artists – Leonardo to van Gogh, Monet to Degas – on a black background so your kids (or, be honest, you too) can color in chalk or butterstix (supplied), like chalk but without the dust. And books include blank pages for kids to get creative on their own. $26, "