Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth Day Coupon code: EARTH4010

I have been super busy with the logistics of moving...I cannot believe I am moving to Japan! Have no fear, the company is staying put! As a result, I will be focusing on manufacturing and design, while our small team on the state-side will focus on customers, sales and fulfillment. We are excited about this change! I cannot wait to be inspired in Japan! Well, tomorrow is Earth Day, and JUST IN TIME! We have our ButterStix™ finally coming in Friday! They are just like the favorite Butter Chalk, only now you can use the eco-friendly Stix on conventional chalkboards too. Also, we put up our reusuable bags, the Perfect Pouch™ on the website. Save those baggies, and use the Perfect Pouch for your toys, and hard to store items: puzzles, legos, food, etc... I love them for travel! Perfect for cosmetics, though at this time, all 10 of my personal Perfect Pouches are filled with allergy meds from this crazy Charleston allergy season, and they are cluttered with receipts, ipod, eye-drops; basically, it is my everything perfect pouch.

In celebration of Earth Day, please use coupon code: EARTH4010 and receive 15% off on your entire order. Expires the very next day, so take advantage tomorrow!