Thursday, April 22, 2010

Few Regrets in Life

I am not the type of person to look back on my life and regret decisions I have made in the past. I think this is one of the few positive traits I possess.

I tend to press on and look to the future, but if there is one thing I regret in the past, (and I do have a handful of them), it is my undisciplined habits on the violin. I wished I had really pursued it with utter abandonment, because even though I wasn't the prodigy child violinist, I did have a good thing going in my former life. It wasn't until just recently I realized I am living vicariously through my children in music: the oldest takes the piano, the younger two play the violin, and I know it is only because of my own doing and initiation that they all playing an instrument. Well, this video is the 3rd mvmt. of the previous post (the Concerto Grosso by Vivaldi, Opus 8, No.3) You are seeing the rehearsal. I tried to edit the video and tried to be a bit creative on my iMovie, but I think I ended up butchering some key parts!

I loved playing in a chamber group like this, it was really fun. The group comprises of parents, Charleston Academy's students, professionals in the Charleston Symphony and teachers. The two soloists (left is the concert master at CSO, Yuiry Bekker, and Javier on the right is the director and teacher for my kids' symphony, Kidz Symphony). I am on the left with the ponytail.